Testimonials — See what our past team members are saying about us.

Abraham McIntyre
It was an amazing experience running with Leroy and hearing about his motivation for running...he knows education is foundation for his 4 year old niece to become the best doctor in The Bahamas!

Jumping in the ocean after the race was a pretty nice bonus too!
— Abraham McIntyre
Participating in the Inaugural Haiti Marathon and then returning with Mission 29.2 two more times were amazing experiences I will treasure forever! You will fall in love with the kids, be awed by the Haitians running, see a lot of poverty, but also see growth, see the joy in people’s faces and witness first hand how education can change people’s lives. You will see hope being played out before your eyes. Marathon Day shouts UNITY that is precious to behold. Don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity! Take a step of faith and be a part of the solution to change the life of a child. And you don’t have to run!
— Laurie Teper
Traveling to Haiti was a very rare and unique opportunity that few will ever get to experience. The trip was more than I ever expected and has impacted my life and my heart in ways I never thought possible! Thank You Mission 29.2 : )
— Mark Francis
Participating in a Mission 29.2 trip to Haiti was a once in a lifetime trip that all should experience. It is where my passion for running meets my lifetime calling to help those in need. It has enhanced and confirmed spiritual direction in my life. I am connected to the residents and team members, in a way that will last a lifetime and beyond!
— Ron Idstein
Life changing experience! Can’t wait to go back.
— Jennifer Akins
Running alongside Haitians with Mission 29.2 was one of the most memorable and gratifying experiences of my life.
— Eric Walker
“I have had the opportunity to travel around the world with different groups and people but never have I felt so taken care of as a team member especially as a runner. The ability of Mission 29.2 to understand the needs of the local community and those coming is top notch which assures the results of the trip go beyond the photo op and are long lasting.
— Jason Streubel
Traveling to Haiti was a life-changing experience. I have been to dozens of impoverished countries, and never have I seen people who had so little but are still so happy. Haitians have hope in their daily routine and they still carry optimism for their future. I dare anyone to meet these people and not walk away changed. Personally, I know I left the island feeling renewed and inspired.
— Heather Balogh